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FoxShow #16: William Sanders interview, Of Buttons and Text and more Intro
Racking my Brain: Eric Eggleston

0:40 Of Note

  • Anders Hejsberg of C# on challenges
  • FoxPro Mentioned (oooohhh)
  • David Stevenson on Writing and Posting
  • The FoxShow Four Tier Solution
      I PodCast It
     I ScreenCast It
     I Blog It
     I Write It
  • Techpodcasts Announcement No Damn Announcements yet but coming very soon Hoping to get Doug Welch about Hi-Tech careers on soon
  • Difficulties in recording - different shows different items
  • COM Post from Claudio
  • Changes in
  • How do you listen to podcasts? Feedstation and Newsgator

    12:15 William Sanders Interview

  • EF Group
  • DABO Cross platform database development

    26:30 - Of Buttons And Text

  • Graphics make for more options in the system Is that good or bad?
  • The Evolution of Web vs Desktop interfaces
  • ON Intelligence

    Jeff Hawkins and Audible

  • A Poll on User Interfaces
  • Direct download: FoxShow16.mp3
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    • Aujourd’hui à Toulon l’ancien espoir catalan, Maxime Mermoz a tenu à s’exprimer sur cette descente en pointant du doigt notamment les dirigeants de l’USAP : « Quand j’ai signé à l’USAP, il y avait un projet clair et précis.Le Fran?ais, qui ne s'est jamais imposé dans le rendez-vous sud-américain, ne se met pas de pression et estime << qu'un podium ne serait pas un mauvais résultat >> sur un terrain cassant qu'il n'affectionne pas. nike koston mint Après un nul à l'aller en Macédoine (28-28), les Allemands se sont inclinés à domicile face au Vardar Skopje (29-30).Radwanska (POL, n°3) -ByeJankovic (SER, n°7)- ByeLepchenko (USA) bat Wickmayer (BEL) : 7-5, 6-1Tomljanovic (CRO) batMladenovic (FRA) : 7-6, 6-4Muguruza (ESP, n°30) -ByeStephens (USA, n°17)- ByeDiyas (KAZ, Q) bat Cadantu (ROU) : 6-4, 3-6, 6-2Puig (PUE) bat Rybarikova (SLQ) : 6-1, 7-6Wozniacki (DAN, n°11)- ByeSuarez Navarro (ESP, n°15)- ByeScheepers (AFS) bat Soler-Espinosa (ESP) : 6-3, 6-0McHale (USA) bat Zheng (CHN) : 6-4, 6-2Kanepi (EST, n°24) -ByeHantuchova (SLQ, n°31)- ByeKeys (USA) bat Kontaveit (EST, WC) : 6-3, 6-2Kleybanova (RUS) bat Melzer (RTC) : 7-6, 6-1Li (CHN, n°2) -ByeNB : « Bye » = dispensée de 1er tour Tweet. [url=]tn pa chere[/url] Alors qu’il venait de re-signer avec Biarritz pour deux saisons, le deuxième ligne norvégien du BO pourrait manquer le début de l’exercice 2014-15. nike mercurial vapor superfly price ILLUSTRATION BALLONMont-de-Marsan a engagé le Samoan Tutaia Mosalosalo (29 ans) pour deux saisons. [url=é-Chaussures-Nike-Tn-P245.html]chaussures nike tn[/url] La Canadien, qui ne disputaient pas les quarts de finale de la Coupe Davis, a perdu des points et cède donc sa place au Biterrois. nike mercurial vapor sl carbon SOCHAUX RENARDEn vue du déplacement à Saint-Etienne ce dimanche dans le cadre de la 30eme journée de Ligue 1, Hervé Renard a conservé un groupe quasiment stable par rapport au match précédent face à Lorient. lwf03mnge0523 Le ballon est repris de la tête par Patrice Evra qui coupe parfaitement au premier poteau. Comment ça va maintenant ?C’est vrai que je n’étais pas sûr de jouer Roland-Garros. basket pas cher chine Le Français dans un match serré se fait prendre au sol pendant le golden score par le Tchèque Lukas Kerpalek qui se qualifie pour la finale. [url=]tn nike[/url] En première mi-temps, on était tellement loin les uns des autres. Absent des courts depuis sa défaite en huitièmes de finale du Masters 1000 de Miami face à Federer fin mars, le n°1 français souffre toujours du dos.90eme minute (2-3)Parti du côté gauche, Payet échappe à Marveaux puis se défait de Stambouli avant de déclencher une frappe en pleine course qu’Hilton détourne hors de portée de Jourdren. [url=]air max tn pas cher[/url] Il devance ses deux équipiers chez Citro?n : José-Maria Lopez et Yvan Muller.Les duels seront nombreux aux quatre coins du terrain mais Paris ne devra pas oublier une chose : Chelsea est capable de tenir pendant 90 minutes en jouant dans ses 30 mètres. zanotti sneakers homme pas cher.

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    • Et que dire des latéraux qui ont passé leur temps à courir après le ballon.La JDA, dans le sillage de Mykal Roley (32 points), a connu une soirée tranquille et s’impose 87-74 au Palais des Sports JM Geoffroy. nike free 5.0 women Coéquipier de Tom Boonen chez Omega Pharma - Quick Step, Nikki Terpstra a remporté Paris-Roubaix en s'échappant du peloton des favoris à 6km de l'arrivée.BERDYCH MASTERSTomas Berdych peut d’ores et déjà être satisfait de son Masters 1000 de Miami. [url=]tn nike pas cher[/url] Les deux pilotes intervertissent leurs types de gommes, Hamilton terminant la course en pneus médiums contre des tendres pour Rosberg. nike mercurial superfly iv review Coupable d’un tirage de maillot appuyé sur Jelavic en position de dernier défenseur, Vincent Kompany avait été exclu avant de casser un mur d’un coup de crampons en rentrant aux vestiaires. [url=]air max tn requin pas cher[/url] On est parfaitement conscient du challenge qui nous attend. jordan 5 pas cher INTERMILAN CHIVUAbsent des terrains depuis le mois de mai dernier en raison d’une luxation d’un orteil, nécessitant plusieurs opérations, Christian Chivun’est plus un joueur de l’Inter Milan. lwf03mnge0523 » Alors qu’elle doit encore disputer le géant dimanche, Marie Bochet pourrait signer un fabuleux quadruplé en cas de victoire : « On en reparle dimanche soir. TOULOUSE CASANOVAPour la dernière de la saison et dernière au Stadium également, Alain Casanova devra composer sans Uros Spajic, Oscar Trejo et Abel Aguilar, tous blessés. air max 1 rouge blanc Et pour s’envoler, déjà, au classement général de la discipline. [url=]tn nike pas cher livraison gratuite[/url] » a déclaré Pascal Papé à son sujet. « Il n’y a pas grand-chose à analyser, a-t-il confié à l’issue de la rencontre.BAYERNMUNICH PIZZAROClaudio Pizarro prolonge l’aventure au Bayern Munich. [url=]chaussures nike tn requin pas cher[/url] Le n°9 mondial, barré au 3eme tour lors des deux dernières éditions de Roland-Garros, tentera de se qualifier pour les 16emes de finale face au Fran?ais Gilles Simon.Une grave erreur étant donné la vitesse d’exécution des Madrilènes en contre-attaques. site pour acheter des jordan.

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    • [url=]NHL elite Jerseys china[/url] with this diagram, abruptly underice fire sea of the Zhou boundary edge, develop a have into have no of extremely heavyboundary, move nine absolute being islands into among them, the sky of Yin Lei now surrounds at inside, this was the cause of break Zhou to still living Zhou, a diagram goes to Lei [url=]Be Luv'd Jerseys Wholesale[/url] Hui sub- forehead.You are 2, kneel down!Naturally of once the roar voice stop, the gift hat painful eliminates, satisfied way:Do not think this girl to have no a life, kneel down for me.Naturally with hope one eye with each other on true tree of village, who don't also move, just hope a gift hat [url=]Cheap Drenched Jerseys[/url] bitterly, shout a chemisette name in.Twowhite war horses that receive too a to see to stop to the front of the door, and the llama badge on the corset, the facial expression immediately becomes grey, greatly treads meteor ground to press in crowd and hands the Jia wheat that is weeping over since [url=]Cheap NCAA team elite Jerseys[/url] illusion, but the illusion can invade his brain, can control his activity, this is absolutely matchless and appalling, after all he is a super sorcery teacher.Previously, virtuousthunder's engraving silk hasn't even thought will have what sorcery can hurt oneself.But he covers with in spirit storm [url=]Jerseys elite cleaning[/url] master is those Jie languages, turn over to reply to consider a several in the brain, but always difficult solution among them content, not from big is depressed.He just thinking must appear lost in thought and suddenlylisten to the clop that the afar ring out a burst of rush, sees two horses is [url=]NHL all star game Jerseys[/url] The man who owns this kind of viewpoint in the card Ao strange Kingdom is absolutely a rare animal.And is an unreasonable dangerous rare animal.Ride the soldiers to shut up not to talk, they didn't think onthis problem again launch a discussion, want ~only the topic linked to beautiful woman, [url=]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] strong keep respect, this is a strong for the nation of .The fierce sea connects a people's way:I pour to really appreciate this kind of style, because this world was originally the world of strong, if don't want to be played with, that shoulded strive tomake country strong, but not whether the [url=]elite Jerseys Nike[/url] companion.Say hands once 1 turn put, big Peng white the light cover to naturally with get hurt to fall on the ground of He Hao Deng person.The white comes a body,naturally etc. feels a burst of warmth comfort, the pain got hurt immediately eased a lot.Six left a to turn over a body to jump, called a [url=]college football game Jerseys[/url] Each other beat after receive, the quick ship wiped the gunwale of pole-star to drop to turn ship's bow to return to.The ship drives toward the pirate island.Far and far hopeto go, pirate island's imitating a Buddha is a piece of mainland, an eye basically could not hope a limit, however the on all [url=]NFL Two Tone Jerseys[/url] ha!]Is small to was born in a to audit of understand, this seems drive all things of the universe Zu teacher suppression Wu this, is this four degrees cosmos also the vice- diagram of country the universe diagram?If be really so, the but again is a bitstrange, the square was green in those early

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    • [url=]MLB game Jerseys[/url] department over there flaming and very hot fire.Drive light of fire cover with at the middle age of the center, facial expressionserious awe-inspiring, have an extraordinary vehemence.Suddenly, full mountain time wild blazing flame in, rear one silk distorts of evidence.Imitating a Buddha to appear [url=]who sells pandora bracelets[/url] hand on true tree of village, sneer way:Originally are they black Long Hui's persons?Black Long Hui?Is very good, the mountain pass gentleman pleases trust, three warriors are what I kills, I will seek them and saveHui son once.Black Long Hui the winds and clouds once was momentary, was regarded as [url=]adidas jeremy scott wings 2.0[/url] hammer, my dearest friend, is pleased to put this affair at heart, you and you lead of the escapees in order to receive and lift tower steppe to bring far and far and much over the calamity, receive each person who lift the tower will you regard as is anangel, what you bring is the evangel of [url=]Nike shadow Jerseys[/url] Wait Wu to declare war to the mercenary soldier of whole paradise mainland so.Not much, the big box in a black has already been pulled public in front.See thisbox, reach to add to immediately peep out one silk nervous air.The tooth is good double then eye a bright, immediately and then resumed [url=]stitched Jerseys[/url] transmit sound a way:Once elder generation, I was that is born, I and Ping Shi Shu came to see you.Was silent in the valley in a short while, listenned to an English once be long to sigh a way:My business did you know?Is all right, is born, see on your noodles, I breakrules once, Xing Ping of, you [url=]Cheap stitched NFL Jerseys[/url] breathly, Sun Wukong's way:Ha ha, wonderful, ha ha, fee the dint of the tremendous amount, originally made this eastWest.Ha ha ha,smile to die old of An.Born bitterness write the face changed the clothes at first back and asked elder brother Bao the son way:Is the function of absolute being A so? [url=]Authentic Nike elite NBA Jerseys Wholesale[/url] the sorcery on them, and then make them able to display particular sorcery.The sorceryteacher that this kind of is made is no longer obviously real mankind.Even the boon Lai section doesn't know how to treat them as well by himself/herself, even he can not make sure, this kind of reformation is for [url=]youth MLB premier Jerseys[/url] keep handing anti- Cao Liu in those early years, don't the Mao Lu then know for three cents, the generation of world governs the posterity that the various Ge force waits in the country good minister and battalion matterhouse, is born although get mixed up whether he is really Wu Hou's descendant, [url=]elite Jerseys NHL Cheap Jerseys[/url] then and namely rise of with above black cloud together big, in the center of palm of hand golden light four shoot, will start evil a grasp into center of palm of hand.The various Buddha bodhisattva sees Buddha Zu onrecruiting to make an enemy, just at with full intention happy, see suddenly Buddha [url=]football game jersey Wholesale[/url] demon corpse, also settle however not amount to anything, we didn't put this matter in the mind at that time.I then with Ling leave no track bet, respectively lead a group of swordsmanses, divide two roadJiaos to kill demon corpse, and agree on, who can first demon the corpse put out, even if

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    • [url=]NFL game Jerseys coupon code[/url] sea surface in the afar to up go forward together withdiagram Er radical, thin inside Anne is satisfied with that the ground smiled.Oneself controls the essence of the whole G country navy and plus sea surfaceagaiMore than 1,200 submarines of next three submarine big brigade strongly help with [url=]who sells pandora bracelets[/url] to comparean ultimate end destruction of sorcery, the protection contests the sorcery of set to protect wall to basically can not hold up against and doesn't know vital part to die how much person at that time.The favour was used a space sorcery spooler and taken charge of soup to reach to break [url=]Cheap 2013 MLB all star game Jerseys[/url] The match system that presses the mercenary soldier martial meeting, if all of some square's two warriors lose, the other party will accumulate six to divide, even if personal square'ssorcery teacher can win victory, also will be eliminated because the integral calculus isn't enough.The intense fire [url=]adidas superstar ii[/url] tired.But they rob of the valuables make them not intentional to love a war again and face oneself's under charge to revenge the soldier whom the heart slices, basically there is no fightingstrength to be talked. br>Is unique need to be worried of BE, blood fox drive shot Kui but dispersed rush [url=]NHL Nike limited Jerseys[/url] together lead to the second floors inside the hall, the decoration isvery simple, only a set of wooden combination sofa and tea side-table, have no those a hideous mess of home appliances.The Lai beautiful Nuo pleases naturally poured two cup instant coffees for 2 people with Lin Qing after sitting [url=]toms shoes uk[/url] blow to have a burst of strong breeze on the steppe, these breezes come from the hungriness of afar, dust brought the air of hungrinessaridity and cover with, these dust for the big steppe receive last 1 F very thick jacket, with Zhao time with each passing day past, the sandstorm will be more and [url=]NFL gray shadow Jerseys[/url] exercises green light of vitality, sees five green lights one by one in order appear on him, at the same time ingreat quantities of five lines of true spirit from the external world dashing go into body, go directly to five internal organs.Naturally get into inside see status Hou, cautiously inspect, [url=]retired pandora charms[/url] master, also capable he but that fee Na that escape nearby from the sea space Ai Luo rare Ms. Ya, especially virtuous guard of person tenhave 89 is a that they win.Head, if is two of them, should have no which master will faint a head, takeThese ride a soldier and then chase to come over.That [url=]NFL premier drift Jerseys Wholesale[/url] ice of long pike, however the cortex of that rock is also immediately ground crack.But from the sky but decline of ice blade will never only 1, be the freshman's rock cortex to still too late fill up that breaking into abuse of ground crack,another ice blade in the clout thaUnfortunate soldier. [url=]NFL game Jerseys[/url] package must very strict solid black full-length gown, only in the encampment, so the cover drive Jie come down.Boon Lai section guess, they are shadow thief warrior within regiment.Sawed toward the directionthat they eyed one eye, the boon Lai section was on the whole understand, why only this

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    • [url=]Cheap New Era Jordan Hats[/url] [url=]jeremy scott shop[/url] moment also an useless pole, basically can not the chain change into F use of, this is the fact, know very in his heart, envy in the heart. Chapter 336 shares post-war fruit chapter 336 to share big way origin of post-war fruit to decree by destiny get it, otherwise even if is put is all in the [url=]stitched jerseys china[/url] is fatal shot to the robbers. Is severely defeated, be many robbers leaders continuously death after, those are small escape more quickly, they aren't troops, have no discipline this etc. to pay attention to, as long as can live a life can, even is to surrender, seem to have no at the troops in [url=]Cheap san diego chargers Nike Jerseys[/url] come of, so at describe playinside story after ask square eldest brother they can make what, the square green Lan smiles to say:This isn't the business of you, government from will handle, you as usual do your businesses then. Is public the eldest brother knowing a square says a not two, there is [url=]tiffany & co necklace[/url] to look in brief, in fact very severe, an action bottom, the position adjusting needs a lot. After finishing seeing, in the heart silently considered for a while, in fact only the first action, have 78 actions to gather to put together, complete some difficulties a while, if all expanding is also [url=]cheap nfl jerseys from china paypal[/url] [url=]Soccer Jerseys Cheap china[/url] strong to tell him, everythings all develop very good, but make him happy most of, the women of then square green Lan to him added tenth, once daughter's grandson and once daughter's daughter, this not, just till November, southern island this place the weather is feat, letting of no time for [url=]Soccer Jerseys Cheap china Authentic[/url] and technology still keeps needing to keep on innovation, don't know that the livinging of ground outside galaxy works properly to when come back as well, this you have to notice, although didn't come now, can not represent hereafter not ability, a little bit more careful can't be wrong.Yes, Chen [url=]Customized MLB Jerseys[/url] some kind of, this just re- lift up head to say with smile:The Er waits this service Wu rather many and is to living realization so much, as for that that Tang three hide teacher and pupil 4 people I from have been already disputed. The title saw one numerous at present square disciples and soared [url=]Cheap seahawks Jerseys for men[/url] have fun very happily, often say oneself's affair, among them be with problem in the school that Gao tests behind. The elder brothers, go to hereafter famous brand university, see me again BE, must pack incognizant.How??What about meeting and trust like, we are the mat bottoms ever ah, how to forget, [url=]Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses[/url] [url=]Replica NHL Jerseys Cheap[/url] car compartment door rings out and disturbed Chen Hong right away. Excuse me, , the person of inside at please open not, in of the person hear have no, at not? The voice is still very clear and crisp but again loud and clear, have the voice of new generation lady very much. Slightly etc., slightly [url=]adidas jeremy scott 2013[/url] getting more uncanny, make people greatly terrified. Just accepted into a cash box in a little while, small Japan took a person to enter an alley son, although is a bit dusk,can still keep feeling the person's existence, don't think to is what other people specially wait them in small Japanese heart, [url=]Jerseys elite cleaning[/url] Ni Buddha. The sakya Mo Ni lights lamp such as come to Buddha life at nine article gold treasure of lotus mutually solemn, two snow-white life eyebrows are continuously to tremble, just a listen to Sun Wukong speak the magic weapon that that devil is used and light lamp such as come to the Buddha [url=]F1 Snapback[/url] they are another identity, us ratio gram the Jiao Jiao that the empire incubates in the Ao cloth Lai benefactor middle. The Se Si make reference to here, is also a facial expression with prides all over the face. Who say a ratio gram the person is in science technique for the definitely not equal to

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